family photography

Iwakuni Newborn Photographer | Simple & Pure Workshop

I value simplicity. I think it's safe to say most people do. But we're good at making things complicated even when they don't have to be. When I started learning about newborn photography, my natural inclination was towards more simple, classic images. For some reason, I strayed from that. I guess I figured if everyone else was using bright colors, big bows and baskets, I needed to do the same. It's what I thought people wanted, so it's what I attempted.

Enter: Bethney Backhaus and Danielle Hobbs.

At some point in my continuous newborn photography research and learning, I discovered these two photographers who were doing exactly the kind of newborn photography I always wanted to do but didn't even realize was a thing. But that's what is great about art - it can be whatever you want to make it. Their images inspired me and reminded me of why ignoring your gut is never sustainable. 

When they announced they were teaming up for a newborn photography workshop in Charleston, it wasn't a question whether I'd be going. I signed up right away and then counted the days like it was Christmas. 

The night before the workshop officially began, they arranged for those of us who were there to do a beach shootout with a family in the area. Even though thunderstorms were in the forecast, the rain mercifully held off until we were done with our shoot.

The next two days were filled with the cutest little newborn models, including one session with the rest of the family, and tons of learning. We discussed everything: how to use light, fabrics that are best, baby-led posing, macro shots, editing, camera settings, lenses, camera bodies, business models...the list goes on. Bethney and Danielle were open books and were wonderful mentors. I'm so grateful to have learned from them and to finally feel inspired and excited about a kind of newborn photography that is so beautiful in its simplicity. 

Norfolk Family Photographer | Pittman Family

One of my favorite things about being a portrait photographer is that every family and every session is different. In this case, we did a combination family and one-year-old session. We planned to do the session mid-October around this little one's first birthday. It was going to be my last session before my maternity leave began. We ended up having to reschedule not once but twice. The first time we ended up with a rainy day, and the second time... well, I was kind of stuck in Florida after having our baby a month early. We all agreed everything worked out for the best though because once we finally got around to doing this session, we had the perfect day. The weather was gorgeous, the leaves were changing, and this little one-year-old couldn't stop smiling.