Iwakuni Family Photographer | S turns 1!

Ever since a good friend had a great idea to do her daughter’s cake smash session at a bakery, I’ve tried to think of new ways to approach the idea of a cake smash. When this little cutie’s mom approached me about a 1-year-old portrait/cake smash session, I offered up the idea of getting an ice cream cone near the Kintai Bridge. There are quite a few ice cream shops in that area with tons of flavors. You can’t really visit the Kintai Bridge and leave without ice cream. You also can’t turn 1 in Iwakuni and not have an “ice cream smash” session. It was a more mild day weather-wise, so we decided to try it out and see how the little guy would do. Turns out he loves grape ice cream as much as every other kid I’ve met here. (I know it sounds weird. It’s delicious though.)